KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort Height 1.28 gpf Toilet Review

The Kohler K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated Toilet, it features the Class Five flushing technology that provides a tremendous bulk flushing performance and maintains the cleanliness of the toilet bowl. This Cimarron toilet has a fashionable curves that suited a variety of any bathroom design.

It came with different colors to choose from in order to properly fitted inside your bathroom. With a modernized designs and features, the users will going to appreciate how beautiful this toilet is.

Rating Statistics
45 customers rated this toilet for 4.1 out of 5 stars, 28 of them rated for 5 and only 7 customers gave 1 star.

Features of the toilet
The toilet has two features, it has a canister flush valve that gives a smooth flushing actuation, with a persistent water usage and powerful flushing mechanism. Also, it has an exclusive dry lock installation system, that facilitates the installation and keeps floor always dry and neat.

Measurement of the K-3609-0
The toilet has a dimension of 28-¾ inches in Length by 17-⅝ inches in Width and by 30-¾ inches in Height also It has a inches rough-in.

Convenient price
With the price that is affordable, customers can save a lot of money and get the best toilet that they ever wanted. This toilet is also competitive in the toilet industry, since it has a lot of features that customers can benefit with.

Installation made it Easy
The friendly user guide that came with the box, has a walkthrough that every customers can easily follow. Customers can install this toilet easily, with no problems at all and no need to call any plumber.

Water Saver
This toilet has a Water Consumption of 1.28 GPF, unlike to the other toilet brands in the market that has 1.6 GPF, but still it delivers a significant water saving ability without sacrificing its performance. Thus, it will customers save a lot of money especially in their water bills.

Comfortably Fit
The Kohler comfort height feature allows you to feel sitting like on a standard chair, it provides you comfort and convenience in sitting and standing in the toilet, especially for older people and disabled persons.

Reasons why customer rated this toilet for
Craig says ” A water saving toilet that works perfectly and absolutely great.
Annie commented that ” The toilet uses very little amount of water but still it will flush everything nothing will left behind”
Lenore  shares ” It perfectly works for me and I’m 83 years old, I feel more comfortable and very happy with it”
Patricia B says ” This toilet is very easy to install and works wonderful. I would recommend this product to others”
Marilyn  says ” The toilet was terrific and I don’t need a plunger”

Shipping Details
The toilet has an average weight of 90 pounds and can be delivered only within the U.S. territories. It should be ordered separately in order to properly shipped this product with handle and care.