Bosch 1594k Review

The Bosch 1594k planer is a perfect designed planer kit, the cutting performance of which is extremely impressing; this machine has a two blade system that completes smooth finishes. The powerful 6.5 amp motor delivers 16,500 rpm that ensures depth control. Also the standard beveling fence and the protective shield ensures a safety handling to work at various widths and angles. The durable micrograin carbide blades are also a special feature of this product that lets you have an easy start up for the general carpentry. The Bosch 1594k planer reviews also proves high rating for this product.Image result for planer

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Powered by a 6.5 Amp motor with 16,500 rpm.
  • Well-designed and well-balanced with powerful and adjustable blades.
  • Durable micrograin carbide blades that lasts 30% more than standard carbide blades.
  • The whole package also includes a Carrying Case, Bevel Guide Fence, Chip Bag and Blade Wrench.
  • The protective shield and ambidextrous Lock-off release button ensures safety and prevents accidents.
  • Weighs 6 pounds with 11-1/8-inch shoe length.
  • This Bosch 1594k can be converted for use with large high-speed steel blades for better performances.
  • Original manufacturer’s packaging will be provided.
  • Exceptional for smooth finishing and fast stock removal.
  • The simple-to-read ratcheted depth knob is useful for complete depth range.
  • Includes the shop-vac adapter for preventing the outflow.

Bosch 1594k Review:

The Bosch 1594k planer is a great product to look at; I have purchased it last week and thought of writing a Bosch 1594k review for this product because it seemed extremely useful for me. Having a great balance and powerful blades with the impressive features, the Bosch 1594K 6.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer Kit is an amazing product to write review on. In my Bosch 1594k Review, I will try to focus on the positive features that I have come across while using this product. This machine is very useful for general carpentry and has an all round functionality that ensures depth control and good balance!

The reputation of Bosch is always apparent in the Bosch 1594k Review I have read before, it’s wood razor carbide blades, great fence, protective shield, shop-vac adapter and lock-off release totally helps me to work on my cabinets, doors and windows. Since, I have got the original product, I am much hopeful of its great durability, because after all it is a Bosch. After reading the Bosch 1594k Review, I agree that the Bosch 1594k is really easily to set up, basically what I love about this product is that it does not create much noise as other planer.

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