Frigidaire 704DUD 70 pt Dehumidifier Review

One would definitely want a dehumidifier that is able to eliminate dampness in the air without running up a steep energy bill. The Frigidaire 704DUD 70 pt dehumidifier has been energy-star validated and works at its best when installed in the vicinity of a suitable drainage system. An energy-star validation automatically indicates efficient energy consumption, thus fulfilling the need for keeping the bills low.Frigidaire FAD704DUD 70 Pt. Dehumidifier_face right_610x320

The Frigidaire 704Dud 70 pt dehumidifier is available in an elegant white color and also comes equipped with a convenient collection container that also contains a level indicator.

Characteristics of the Frigidaire 704DUD 70 pt Dehumidifier:

The level indicator is a useful tool that shows the user exactly when the collection needs to be emptied out and cleaned. The Frigidaire 704Dud 70 pt dehumidifier is fitted with a washable filter and automatic electronic controls that makes it an excellent choice for eliminating dampness and particles out of the air. Some of the product innovations include:

Dual fan speeds that give more control depending on the humidity levels present.

The Frigidaire 704DUD 70 pt dehumidifier can operate at low-temperatures also. This makes the product more versatile as an all-weather option.

A digital display indicates current levels of humidity that allows the user to change settings accordingly.

The Frigidaire 704DUD also comes with anti-microbial mesh filters that capture airborne particles while keeping germs at bay.

The auto-shut off and full bucket indicator provide an effective monitoring system that tells the user when he has to empty the bucket out.

The product also comes with a one year full warranty and a 5 year sealed system warranty.

So, looking at all these features, it is normal to think that this product is an efficient one indeed. In fact, the 4.1 stars that it has received on Amazon also points to this fact. Going by the customer reviews, the Frigidaire Dehumidifier works very well for the first one or one and half years.

I does all that it promises and also keeps the electricity consumption low. It is after that period of time that many prior customers have faced certain problems. Most of the complaints seem to be about the dehumidifier compressors. However, the life span is quite normal going by the trend in the market for dehumidifiers nowadays. Therefore, it can be said that most people have found the product go be quite helpful and worth buying.

On the positive side, there are close to 600 hundred reviews of the Frigidaire 704DUD 70 pt dehumidifier, on Amazon and very few of them say anything negative about the product. Mostly, the prior customers seem to be satisfied by the service it provides.

From this, the Frigidaire 704DUD 70 pt dehumidifier seems to be quite a popular and handy product indeed.

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